First wave of iTunes reviews on the Tar Sands Diplomat podcast First wave of reviews of the podcast have arrived on iTunes. You can check them all out here.

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Finale of Tar Sands Diplomat podcast on iTunes

إدارة النقد الاجنبى TarSandDiplomatAmbSueFraserThe finale of the Tar Sands Diplomat podcast just went on iTunes! Thanks to everyone who has been listening along through Macgregor’s 27 episodes of Brussels intrigue and adventure. شاشة اسعار الاسهم المصرية To download the last episode — or to start the series — click here.

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Yukonomist political interviews on Northwestel Community Channel

بيع اسهم الاكتتاب ep1For the record, purchase here are the political interviews we did with the four party leaders and prominent Yukon opinion leaders in the run up to the 2016 territorial election. Thanks to Chris McNutt and the Northwestel Community Channel for putting Yukon political issues on the screen!

شراء ستراتيرا أي وصفة طبية Episode 1: Darrell Pasloski and Liz Hanson Episode 2: Sandy Silver and Frank De Jong.

Hill Times does profile on Tar Sands Diplomat!

سعر الذهب لليوم Hill Times TSD header(s)The Hill Times just did a profile on The Tar Sands Diplomat. Click here to read it. It’s been fun doing interviews, reading the reviews on and watching the clicks and listens from around the world to the podcast version via iTunes and Soundcloud. Thanks to everyone for their support. I'm glad folks are enjoying the story!

افضل شركة تداول Tomorrow Episode 11 of the podcast goes out. It's the moment Macgregor has been dreading: the touchdown in Brussels of the Can Do Canada trade mission!

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Aurore’s podcast hits iTunes and Stitcher AuroreCover-3(1500x1500_72dpi)Kids of all ages can now listen to the podcast version of Aurore of the Yukon, remedy read by Aline (the girl on the cover) to an audience in a real Yukon kitchen. Complete with squirrel noises and other Yukon sound effects. Available on iTunes and Stitcher, health chapter by chapter over the summer!

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Aurore goes to Minnesota


Aurore has gone on the road, this time to Rochester, Minnesota. Thanks to Read Side by Side's wonderful C.I.A. Curriculum for Grades 3-5, of which Aurore is a part, over 1000 Fourth Grade students in the Rochester School District will be reading Aurore next year.

Way to go Aurore! (And Read Side by Side!)


Podcast episode 2 available on iTunes – Macgregor goes to Brussels


Episode 2 of the Tar Sands Diplomat podcast is now available on iTunes.

Follow Macgregor as he escapes Ottawa for Brussels, only to discover from the in-flight CBC news that the Prime Minister has ruined his dream posting by announcing a high-profile and disturbingly imminent Can Do Canada trade mission to the EU capital.

In Macgregor's words: "A ministerial visit can take years off your life. I began to worry that I would soon be pointing out Europe on the map to pimpled youths in the minister's office and handing out backgrounders claiming Canadian asbestos was so safe you could make pyjamas out of it."



Tar Sands Diplomat goes live on iTunes and Amazon

TarSandDiplomatAmbSueFraserGood news. Tar Sands Diplomat has gone live on Amazon, and -- fresh from a weekend in the podcast cave in Whitehorse -- on iTunes.

Download the podcast from  iTunes onto your favourite device. Perfect for listening while working out, viagra 100mg sitting in your office in Ottawa, or waiting for a foreign official to make contact at a nocturnal rendezvous!

iTunes page here


Tar Sands Diplomat arrives from the printer

TarSandsDiplomatCoverWoohoo! Just received the first box of Tar Sands Diplomat from the printer.

I started work on this during my chemotherapy-induced vacation from my day job over a decade ago. I survived the cancer, but needed to get this project done before I died of something else!

It's great to share the  finished product with everyone who helped me over the years (you know who you are!).

Now I'm booking some time in the podcast cave to make an audio version in time for the official launch. Will keep you posted.

Aurore goes on the road!

Aurore of the Yukon coverLower 48 or bust!

We just received word that a US school district has selected Read Side By Side’s program including Aurore of the Yukon for all its Grade 4 classrooms next Fall. Over There are hundreds or may be thousands game titles for Sony mobdro app available to be downloaded from the internet. Is it illegal  1000 students will be learning about the Klondike gold rush, the Chilkoot Trail and how to deal with the likes of Soapy Smith!

Way to go, Aurore! More news to come soon.