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Podcast episode 2 available on iTunes – Macgregor goes to Brussels

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افضل برنامج تداول الاسهم السعودية Episode 2 of the Tar Sands Diplomat podcast is now available on iTunes.

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التقويم الإقتصادي للفوركس Follow Macgregor as he escapes Ottawa for Brussels, only to discover from the in-flight CBC news that the Prime Minister has ruined his dream posting by announcing a high-profile and disturbingly imminent Can Do Canada trade mission to the EU capital.

مصدر In Macgregor's words: "A ministerial visit can take years off your life. I began to worry that I would soon be pointing out Europe on the map to pimpled youths in the minister's office and handing out backgrounders claiming Canadian asbestos was so safe you could make pyjamas out of it."

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Tar Sands Diplomat goes live on iTunes and Amazon

انقر على هذا الرابط TarSandDiplomatAmbSueFraserGood news. Tar Sands Diplomat has gone live on Amazon, and -- fresh from a weekend in the podcast cave in Whitehorse -- on iTunes.

اذهب الآن Download the podcast from  iTunes onto your favourite device. Perfect for listening while working out, viagra 100mg sitting in your office in Ottawa, or waiting for a foreign official to make contact at a nocturnal rendezvous!

وهنا هي النتائج iTunes page here

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