How the series got started

Keith and series illustrators Pascale, <noindex><p> 
<a href=خيار ثنائي دورة مجانية Aline, Ewan and Kieran on the Chilkoot Trail where the Aurore idea was born" src="" width="300" height="225" /> Keith and series illustrators Pascale, Aline, Ewan and Kieran on the Chilkoot Trail where the Aurore idea was born

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الحصول على إعادة توجيه هنا Aurore of the Yukon and the Yukon Kids Series is a collaboration between Keith and the MacBride Museum.

شراء اللاسهم The idea for Aurore came when Keith was hiking the Klondike GoldRush-era Chilkoot Trail with his family. As he recounted ripping yarns he had heard around the woodstove from his grandparents and other oldtimers, Keith's daughter Aline remarked, "Hey dad, you should put these stories in a book!"

خيار ثنائي الروبوت التابعة لها We're not sure if she said that because she thought the book would be a good idea, or if she just wanted her father to stop telling family stories.

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يعيش إشارة ثنائي خيار التداول But an idea was born. Meanwhile, MacBride Museum executive director Patricia Cunning was working hard to engage Yukon children with the museum and Yukon history. Thanks to her leadership and vision, the MacBride now hosts a range of materials and activities aimed at getting young people (and their parents) involved in history.

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انقر The museum has kids camps themed on Aurore and the other three books in the series, has developed learning materials to fit the Yukon curriculum, and has published more great Yukon books for readers of all ages. These include coloring books, Sourdough Stories, a book on Robert Service, all available online.

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