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The classic that started the MacBride Yukon Kids Series.


Aurore and her mother think they are visiting an uncle in the Yukon, but soon find themselves stuck right in the middle of the Klondike Gold Rush! After notorious conman Soapy Smith swindles her mother, Aurore realizes none of the gold-crazed stampeders will help them.


Aurore must dig deeper, think harder and be braver than she ever thought possible.


Popular with Yukon readers, Aurore has now gone international with Read Side By Side's Grade 4 program. And don't miss the podcast - perfect for long road trips to Skagway, Dawson City and beyond.

Yukon Secret Agents cover.JPG


Inspired by the real life Alaska-Canada border dispute back in President Teddy Roosevelt's day, Yukon Secret Agents brings back all your favourite characters from Aurore ... plus Teddy Roosevelt himself.


The Canadian government may be blissfully unaware of secret agents and coded messages at the Telegraph Office, but a deadly explosion at the Star Mine soon has Aurore, Kip and their friends in a swirling adventure involving secret telegrams, burgled hotel rooms and a mysterious German naval captain.

Yukon River Ghost cover.JPG


An idyllic Yukon River trip turns into a mysterious adventure as Aurore and the gang discover a gold rush ghost town that seems to have ... a ghost!


Putting to work the sleuthing skills that foxed Alaskan con man Soapy Smith in their first adventure, the kids soon learn about the fabled Lucky Eight gold nugget and find out there is more afoot at Canyon City than just a few eerie noises in the night.

Game on Yukon cover.JPG


Aurore, Yves, Kip and Papillon are back, this time trying to save the Stanley Cup!


It's 1905 and the Dawson City Nuggets have challenged legendary One-Eyed Frank McGee and the Ottawa Silver Seven for hockey's most famous trophy.


It just seems like more fun to the hockey-crazed kids of Dawson City, until mysterious accidents knock out the Nuggets' stars, one by one.


Follow Yves, Kip and Joe "King of the Klondike" Boyle as they follow the team on its staggering 4000-mile trek by dogsled, train and ship to the big game ... and find out that Frank McGee's goal scoring magic isn't the only thing they'll be up against.

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