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Keith Halliday was formerly the twelfth most senior diplomat at the Canadian Mission to the European Union. He started The Tar Sands Diplomat while on a chemotherapy-induced vacation from his day job.


The Russians have a plan to kill Canadian oil exports. And Canada has a diplomat clueless enough to stop them.


Macgregor is on a dream posting to Brussels, until a red-haired Russian prostitute dramatically murders the Canadian Mission's star diplomat and plunges Macgregor into a world of spooks, Russian oligarchs and eco-hacktivists.


Unable to penetrate the digital defenses of the opposition, or even operate his own smartphone, Macgregor falls back on the classics from his spy novel collection: disguises, midnight burglaries and hidden microphones.


To his surprise, they lead him towards the truth. Unfortunately, they also lead him towards a well-connected Canadian oil company and the Prime Minister's Office. 

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